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Located in one of Milan’s most hip neighborhoods (Navigli), Massive Arts covers a total area of 1000sqm including 2 professional recording studios, 1 mastering suite and 6 rehearsal rooms, a 70sqm live room and several relax lounge areas.

The entire studio has been developed with the aim of providing an efficient solution to all music production requirements, ranging from pre-production to recording, mixing and class-A mastering. As a matter of fact Massive Arts is the only (and first) studio in Italy equipped entirely in order to satisfy all requirements a musician or producer has when it comes to the production of a record.
The entire process – from the creative moment all the way until the mastering session – can be done in one location, without the need to seek services from outsiders and relying on Massive Arts’ knowledgeable staff for help and assistance. Massive Arts is also the home of the independent publishing company named Massive Arts Italy.



Pharrell Williams

30 Seconds to Mars

Francesca Michielin

Fabri Fibra

Eugenio Finardi

Enzo Jannacci