Massive Arts deals with the composition of new songs and the subsequent artistic production, collaborating in the recording and publishing field with authors of national importance, thus helping songwriters, performers or groups in the realization of their musical ideas in a professionally way throughout the different stages of composition, arrangement, recording and final production of the songs.

We provide an “All inclusive” solution, in which the client: singer, band or artist relies on our experience raising himself from any commitment and task in contacting musicians/session musicians, rent recording and mastering studios, Massive Arts does all that for you.

Our work is aimed at:

who is looking for songs of any kind so as to sing and insert them in their own album.

who wants to make a demo with songs which may be used for competitions, auditions and festivals.

who have musical ideas still in the bud and do not know how to develop and complete them and require an arrangement that enhances and makes them marketable from a commercial and recording point of view.

You will be able to realize your project also from a distance using new online technologies.

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