The Live Room has a size of 70 sqm and offers a spacious and relaxing environment, with an ideal acoustics for any kind of music, from rock to pop, from jazz to classical.

The room is equipped with variable acoustic systems which modify the reverberation time and make it particularly suitable for the recording of batteries, acoustic instruments, strings, winds and vocals.

The Live Room is wired as the recording studio of the Studio 1 (mixer SSL) offering an ideal space for the recordings of several elements in real time.

Moreover, thanks to its size, the acoustic characteristics and the high quality of the equipment is hired for rehearsal of tour and as a space for events and show case.

Contact: Ivo Grasso


Piano: Yamaha C3 Tail
System: Yamaha DSR 15-2600 W + Subwoofer
Mixer: Midas Venice 320 – 32 Ch
Microphones: Shure SM58
Drums: Yamaha Rock Tour
Cymbals: Turkish
Bass Amp: Ampeg SVT Classic + 810E Ampeg svt
Guitar Amp: Fender Twin
Vox AC 30 Head + vox 412
Marshall JCM 800 + Marshall 1960
Electronic Keyboard: Yamaha Stage floor Cp 33