Are you an independent artist/label looking for improving the quality of your music? Do you have a recording of your songs but do not have the tools or experience to create a high-quality mix? The Mix Online service solves your needs and is here to help you! We provide our clients with a high quality mix made by our team of professional sound engineers using our Studio 1 (SSL analog mixer) and our professional outboard with limited budgets; for example, you can mix three songs for 900 euros or an album for 2.500 euros. We have made the service as simple as possible; you can send the separate tracks of your project via internet and receive 6/7 days after the stereo track mixed in top quality. Furthermore if you use the Mix Online you can also take advantage from a 30% discount on our Netmastering service so as to have the product mastered and ready for printing!


How should I must prepare the tracks for sending ?
Our studio uses Pro Tools HD but no matter what kind of program you use to record your songs, it’s important that you provide us for each track a single one file (no edit) in wave or aiff format without plug in. The tracks all have to start from scratch so that they can be read in sync in our studio as it is not important if they end up together. It ‘should not use compression and equalization during recording sessions, otherwise do not overdo it to avoid altering the dynamics of the sounds too.


Examples of audio files preparation:
With Logic Pro: with the open project go under file – export and click “all tracks as audio files”. Saving to a folder with the same audio format with which you have registered (WAVE, AIFF …) and the same bit depth (24 bit or 16 bit).
With Pro Tools: What you should do for each track is to consolidate the audio files of the region. Then select all the regions with the same starting point and use the shortcut shift-alt-3 to consolidate.


In The Audio Files folder of your project now you will have ‘all consolidated tracks and ready to be sent.
In any case always check, whether there have been editing works, that there are no clicks or cuts without crossfades.

Avoid making the bounce tracks with open plug ins as compressors and equalizers as will be then mixed in the studio.
In the case of MIDI tracks with certain software instrument of your choice, make a bounce of the track and send its respective audio files (still recommend that you send in case a copy of the MIDI track)


How do I send my tracks?
After you complete the payment, please use the form WeTransfer creating a folder for each song. Once the files are received you will be contacted by our staff.


I have some specific ideas for the mix, can I discuss them with the sound engineer?
Absolutely yes! All your ideas may be discussed by phone in an open dialogue between you and the mix engineer to ensure they are complied with any your artistic directives.


Can I make comments or ask to change something after receiving the mix?
Yup! An MP3 of the mix will be sent as a reference. The mixing engineer will work with you to face any changes or suggestions (max three per song changes).
A second reference Mp3 will then be sent for final approval.

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