Overview of Massive Arts / Music Academy Milano


Focus: Our educational programs address the study of music at 360° while offering deepening and flexibility, so we can say that any approach to music find an “ideal course” within our structure.


Admission: Studying at Massive Arts is simple but rules and admission requirements change depending on the course you have chosen. Through the admissions interview, free and non-binding, you will be informed clearly about the admission procedures of each course, with particular regard for when and how.


Free orientation: In order to ensure a quality, well-structured service but at the same time attentive to the needs of each individual student, at our facility you can book an orientation meeting, completely free and non-binding for registration. The meeting can be obtained from the Secretary who will organize it according to mutual schedules and commitments of students/teachers.


Educational certifications: Earning a study certificate in the field of modern music, contemporary to our times, is a novelty in recent years in Italy, but a well-established educational, structured and highly formative reality in the rest of the world for several decades.

For such reason Massive Arts, first teaching location in Lombardy for the educational network of Music Academies Network, which boasts well-established relationships with institutes and universities among the best in the world, offers teaching and certification at all levels for every type of music genre. Studying in our certified courses is also a guarantee of quality, constantly monitored by external and impartial agencies, a procedure not usually present otherwise in private music schools.


Educational proposal

The educational offer is divided into two basic macro-sectors: on one hand the not certified study paths, on the other hand the ones with recognition and certification. To these areas we add the possibility for everyone (certified and non-certified) to achieve specific skill certifications (vertical).


In this area the following educational paths are included: Kids course, Teens course, Academic Three-year course, Free course (individual lessons); all courses are active in the departments of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano/Keyboards and Singing:


You can apply or receive information every day at the school headquarters (Massive Arts Studios Via Villoresi 24 – Milano), by phone at 0283241362, or by writing an email to




It is not a course of study with the road already traced, rather it is the best alternative for those who can not or will not face the paths described above.