Finally the undisputed Massive quality at your fingertips:

Our new Netmastering service provides a real opportunity also to independent labels and producers very far away from northern Italy to be able to burn by analog equipment their work in our studios at a very competitive price and without even having to move from home.

In fact it’s possible, thanks to this service, to have your own unique folder on our server, with your personalized login and password, where you conveniently can transfer from your office or home your own audio files, and where to get them mastered and ready for the subsequent processing steps. The service also provides a series of simple tutorials able to dispel every practical doubt and guide you step by step to the realization of your master.

The service guarantees the realization of the work in a few days at a lower price than the normal mastering rate, monitored directly by the producer in the studio and an absolute confidentiality for the materials, transferred in digital format.


    • 90.00€ for CD (1 track)
    • 200.00€ for maxi-single CD (up to 18 minutes)
    • 600.00€ for album (over 18 minutes)

It includes, in addition to mastering work, the uploading and downloading operations of audio files .

  • PMCD encoded PQ

    • 40.00€ for CD (1 track)
    • 50.00€ for maxi-single CD (until 18 minutes)
    • 80.00€ for album (more than 18 minutes)

Solution for those who must ship their masters to the CD Manufacturing for the reproduction in series, the PMCD (Pre Master CD) with PQ coding suitable for duplication. The costs include the shipment of the CD at your address by express courier.

Mastering Options VAT included