Our rooms have been realised following very specific acoustic criteria, which enable the musician to obtain a completely natural sound response. The 6 rooms, with a modern aesthetic, offer an excellent instrumentation always upgraded with the best brands (Marshall, Ashdown, Ampeg, Sonor, Peavy, DW, Drumsound, Mackie, etc.). Each room is equipped with air conditioning and air recycling.


Voice Amp. : FBT max 300
Mixer: Yamaha Mx 16/6 fx
Guitar Amp. : Marshall AVT 50, Marshall MA 100 H, casse JCM 900 1960
Bass Amp. : Hartke LH 500 + cassa Hartke 4×10
Drums : Tama Rockstar Pro 5 pz
Dishes: Stagg SH e DH
Microphones:  Shure SM 58/Audix OM2